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MARCH 4-11, 2023
MARCH 11-18, 2023

This Plant Medicine retreat is a deep dive into embodied experience guided by nature, the elements and the world of the plants. This 8 day inclusive plant medicine retreat (4 Ceremonies) interweaves ritual, embodied movement, breathwork, indigenous teachings and integration for an unforgettable journey of transformation. You will be supported to shed unneeded belief patterns and connect to the free and joyful expression of your essence.


We have the honor to be supported by renowned Huni Kuin healer Ninawa Pa Di Mata.

Ninawa is an ancient wisdom keeper and spiritual leader of the Huni Kuin people, located in the Amazon Forest. Coming from an unbroken lineage of pajés and musicians, and residing in the Novo Futuro village in Acre, Brazil, Ninawa has been on the shamanic path since his birth.

He has undertaken the highest initiations known as dietas of his tribe. Ninawa’s work is focused on sharing and spreading the Huni Kuin culture and spirituality, conducting ceremonies and healing retreats all over the world. He is a renowned medicine musician, sharing traditional Huni Kuin chants and songs. A humble man with a huge heart, Ninawa spreads joy and love wherever he travels


Classes and daytime sessions aim to support and inform the work in ceremony and create a deeper connection to the energetic realms of the plants, and the Huni Kuin culture. This retreat aims to support you to free your authentic expression, nourish joyful creativity and learn to connect to the elements to create health, harmony and balance in your daily life.


Join us to explore the following themes:


  • 4 Plant Medicine Ceremonies

  • Transcending the fear of being “not good enough” and accessing free and joyful expression.

  • Healing trauma and programming

  • Igniting your wisdom and building your reservoir of creative “juice” and inspiration

  • Reconnecting with the medicine of your breath

  • Practicing reciprocity with nature and nourishing life with creative beauty

  • Learning about Huni Kuin ancestral wisdom

  • Discovering the intelligence of your own energy anatomy

  • Connecting to the power of the elements and learning to harness and harmonize with the energies of life.

  • Integration tools and resources

Our setting is Reunion - a non-profit, private healing center dedicated to the preservation of plant medicine and ancestral wisdom. Nestled on Playa Pan de Azúcar (Sugar Beach) in the northern part of Guanacaste, Reunion is only a few steps from the sandy shore of the Pacific Ocean in the most desirable tropical beach district in all of Costa Rica.


This transformative experience is meant to awaken the best of the human spirit — so that we may offer our wise selves to our communities at home.

With nature as our guide and with deep reverence for the ancient teachings and the elders we are so privileged to learn from - together we tap into powerful wisdom and create space to become fully present. 


Ninawa Pai de Mata

Ninawa Pai da Mata (Ninawa Father of the Forest) is a wisdom keeper and spiritual leader of the Huni Kuin people, located in the Amazon forest. Hi lives in the Novo Futuro village, in Acre, Brazil.


His work is focused on spreading and sharing the Huni Kuin culture and spirituality, conducting ceremonies and healing retreats all over the world. He also works as a musician, bringing instruments to traditional Huni Kuin chants. A man of a huge heart that spreads joy and love wherever he goes.

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Clarice Carvalho is a Brazilian economist that has been studying and developing cultural studies and connections in companies, art projects and different native American wisdom in the past 8 years. Has been experiencing the benefits of using indigenous medicines since 2013, specially with the Huni Kuin and Yawanawá people, both located at the  Brazilian Amazon jungle. Started to promote Ninawá Pai da Mata's work with music and ceremonies in 2020 as a way of contributing to keep the Huni Kuin's traditions alive and strong. Believes that the contact between modern society and indigenous cultures is a way of bringing more possibles futures for our dreams of a sustainable and abundant world more connected with nature and love.



Karina is a certified holistic health, transformation and integration guide with a focus on plant medicine. She specializes in somatic guidance and embodiment practices. She is the founder of the wellness platform Sovereign by Nature & non-profit The ARC based in Costa Rica, natural plant medicine brand Root to Ritual and sacred container for womxn The Sacred Session.​


She has studied with wisdom keepers, elders and teachers from many different lineages. She remains in service to plant medicine and is an advocate for indigenous rights.

Karina holds space from a place of non-judgement, she creates a divine container where others can shed, remember, integrate and grow. She believes that through deep understanding, reverence and unconditional love for the self we fuel present awareness and sovereignty. Through conscious action we improve our lives and relationships.

More About Karina



Julian DeVoe is a founding partner of Sovereign by Nature. He is n advocate for self-growth, thriving health and personal empowerment. Through the practices of yoga, qigong, natural movement, conscious touch, shamanic meditation, mindful eating and practical spirituality he encourages personal discovery of truth. Julian’s unique movement and mindfulness (interdisciplinary) teaching approach is powerful and accessible. He currently teaches internationally, specializing in movement efficiency, physical purification practices, mindfulness techniques and spiritual groundedness.


Julian spent many years in Peru in service to Plant Medicine facilitation and is a Kambo practitioner.

More About Julian




The human body is the greatest technology we will ever possess- together we will dive deep to reconnect to our bodies, build resiliency and learn to navigate our internal landscape- mind, body and soul. By using framework to view our personal work through playful intelligence we are rewiring our social patterns and behaviors- we are learning to shed layers of cultural and ancestral conditioning stored deep within our bones. We are reprogramming our mind into a fierce ally. Empowerment at it's truest level- Integrity in it's purist form.

Our practices are designed to help you cultivate energy- vitality, health, creativity and longevity- learn to uncover the internal wisdom you possess.




Together we remember the ceremonial ways of life. It is time to refine our capacity to listen, to reconnect to community and to answer the call for global consciousness.

Through ancient traditions and wisdom practices we surrender to the messages that are meant for us and we reignite clear vision so that we may walk our path with confidence and with the support of nature and community.


In gratitude- we will remember to give more than we take. 


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&PRICING- usd$


Single: $4,550 per person


$3,950 per person



-Pricing includes accommodations, food, 4 healing ceremonies and all program activities 

-Includes meals specifically prepared for ceremony 

-Price does not include airfare or transportation 

-Transportation shuttle options will be provided

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Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.44_edited.jpg


Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.44.22 AM.png


Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.48.04 AM.png



-There are certain contraindicated medications and conditions. To ensure it is safe for you to participate, please review medical guidelines here prior to booking. If you have questions please request a discovery call here.



- To hold your space a $500 deposit is needed per person. You can select your dates and room type by clicking the DATE LINKS BELOW. Please note all rooms are the same - your choice is either single or double occupancy in a room with two queen beds.

-Enter code - SVXN to support our scholarship fund! When you enter this code we will contribute to our scholarship program at Reunion for those who need financial assistance. You will not be billed anything, a portion of your registration will go towards the fund.

-Once you submit your dates and room preference an intake form  will be sent to you with further details. Please do not book your flights until your reservation is confirmed by our intake team. Deposits are non-refundable once confirmed.

--Space is limited, we only accept 35 participants for each group

- Airport: You will fly into LIBERIA CR. Shuttle services will be shared with you upon registration. The center is located 1 hour from the airport

-Always check international travel restrictions prior to booking your flights. We always recommend travel insurance.

-Due to the nature of this work, payments and deposits are non-refundable.  Payments may be transferable to a future date or friend with written permission from the organizer. 


MARCH 4-11, 2023
MARCH 11-18, 2023


Image by Chris Abney
Image by Edgar Chmylko
Image by Chris Abney
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