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We are living in challenging times which are uncertain and unstable.  This gives us a tremendous opportunity to rise to the occasion to forge a new way of being.  Resiliency is born from a place of adversity, which means we can live an empowered life.  We will actualize our inner wisdom to find a new sense of self trust, strength and decision making.


The goal for our Resiliency Month is to build mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resiliency.  It is designed to challenge you to step up and make the changes you have been talking about for years.  Discipline, a willingness to change and an open mind are needed for this journey within.  


We will express our wellbeing in different ways:  


  • Movement — for the body balancing, movement efficiency, cultivating play, self-expression and creativity.  

  • Emotions — to tap into the emotional vicissitudes of life and how to harness their embedded power; there is value in all our emotions, even the ones that don’t feel ‘good.’  

  • Mind — mental clarity and focus are important for laying the groundwork to navigate turbulent waters; how to keep our compass pointed in the direction we want to go.  

  • Spiritual — a way for us to embrace the mystery, connect with something greater and derive meaning for our lives.  With reverence and ritual we can live with inspiration and radiant integrity. 


This journey is an inquiry into self.  We seek to create healthful patterns so we can thrive during our human experience.  Morning & evening routines will be built, our food & movement habits evaluated, thoughts & feelings addressed, actions & plans created for sustainable change.


A new way of being will be learned and embedded over the course of the month. 








The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  ~ Chinese Proverb


This week is about setting a solid foundation for us to grow from.  We will hit the ground running by instilling behavioral patterns for the mind, body and emotions.  Morning, afternoon, and evening routines, daily inquiries, breath-work and mindfulness techniques will create this bedrock.  It may take a few days to adjust as the first few days will likely be the toughest.  


Change means to break old habits and form new ones — this is not necessarily easy.  Our brains create specific neural networks when we do things.  The more we do something, the stronger the network becomes, i.e. the faster and easier it is for us to do it, just like traveling along a multi-lane highway.  When we make new habits, we create new, less traveled pathways, like a dirt road.  Over time, we can turn unpaved roads into super highways and deconstruct highways of bad habit altogether.  Changing our neural pathways is what scientists call neuroplasticity — it’s great news for those of us ‘old dogs’ wanting to learn new tricks.  


Transformation takes focused attention, time and will power.  We will likely experience eustress which is healthy, productive and important for tackling challenges and creating change.  This creative dynamic tension of healthy stress is motivating and necessary.  We will expend energy making these changes and therefore rest/relaxation is important.  This is part of building change — doing the work.  We start now.


By passively experiencing something we can only shift so much; action and application embed change.


You are born with everything you need to survive. Anything beyond survival needs striving.

Our morning, afternoon, and evening rituals give us a framework to help guide the day.  We call them rituals, rather than routines or habits, because rituals bring a sense of reverence to our intentions and actions.  By creating a structure we can anchor our process so we can create sustainable change.


-Please ensure you have a journal for the entirety of the workshop. Use this journal to mark down your daily accomplishments and inquiries.

-We will gather once a week on Sundays, 3pm est via zoom to share, discuss progress, help support and provide additional information.





One key to living a balanced, harmonious, peaceful, energetic, positive & productive life is having a daily practice which aligns your mind, body, and spirit. Commit to this daily practice by following the step-by-step guidelines below. No matter where you are on your life’s journey this framework is a catalyst for achieving what you desire.  It has the power to change your life dramatically — and it’s so incredibly simple.


-Rise between 6-6:30am - as close to sunrise as possible

-Upon rising do not reach for your phone- wait at least 1 hour before doing so

-Skip coffee first thing- start with the morning beverage outlined below. Coffee can be added after practice if necessary

-Move - 15-30 minutes of gentle movement. Below you will find access to several movement exercises to support your practice.

-Meditation - 15-30 minutes. Below you will find audio meditations to incorporate into your practice

-Breathwork - 5-20 minutes​. Below you will find breathwork recordings to integrate into your daily routine

-Journal - Below you will find prompts that will help guide and deepen this inquiry into resiliency. 

-Plan Your Day / Goal Setting: What are the top 3 things I need to accomplish today? 

  • Prioritize the top 3 things YOU MUST DO ABOVE ALL ELSE, and do those before you open social media, emails, etc. Once you complete, or at least move those projects forward, you can then move on to other things.

* If possible, dedicate around 2 hours upon rising to your morning practice

Morning Beverage Options:

Select from options below - please note we will begin our day with a non caffeinated beverage. 


1) Water/Warm Water 8-12oz


2) Alkaline Water = water with ½ lemon and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (acv), pinch of sea salt in 6-8oz of water (Balances pH (see Chapter 3 in Robust Vitality for more on Acid/Alkaline balance) Improves gut health, detoxification and digestion)


3) Reishi Tea - Benefits of Reishi include: Anti-inflammatory, Boosts Immune System, Reduces Fatigue and Elevates Mood; For more information: see Robust Vitality Chapter 10. If you do not have access to Reishi select an herbal tea of your preference.


Tea Ritual

The process of making tea is an ancient and revered ritual across cultures that span the globe.  It invites us into a relaxed state of present moment awareness.  Tea masters create a tranquil environment and focus solely on making and drinking tea — it is a practice in presence.  It is a full mind, body and spirit experience.  We can derive great benefit from this concept during our morning beverage time.  Take your time, make it with love and intention.  Below is the simple outline for making your morning beverage a ceremony.  


  • Begin by preparing the tea with focused intention.  Just make your drink.  Let your mind be at ease, supported by this time of sacred presence.  Try not to think about the “to-dos” for your day.

  • Look at your beverage carefully and notice everything you can about its appearance.

  • Smell it and notice all the aromas.

  • Touch the cup to your lips and notice the warmth and texture.

  • As you take the first sip, really taste it — all the flavors — from when it first touches your tongue until after you swallow it.  There are different taste receptors in different parts of your tongue.  All for the beverage to wash over all parts of your tongue to full savory the flavor.

  • Give yourself a moment to sink into a place of deep appreciation and enjoyment.

  • Let your mind be at ease, supported by this time of sacred presence.  Allow any questions, reflections or contemplations, but set aside to-dos for later. 

  • Keep breathing deeply, savoring your beverage landing ever more in the refuge of the present moment.


Educational Resource:


Reconsidering Caffeine


For our program, we will start our days with a non-caffeinated beverage.  For many us coffee is a normal start to our day.  It is a good idea to break this habit to give our body a rest.  The intention for this program is to give the body a healthy jump start and coffee can whack our adrenal glands and cause fatigue long term.  When we have a healthy body caffeine in moderation is ok.


  • Week 2 we will have fun eliminating coffee.


What is caffeine?  

Caffeine is a plant compound that is commonly found in coffee, tea, chocolate, snack foods and gum.  It is a stimulant that has addictive qualities.  Even though in small amounts it may be ok, overconsumption is prevalent.  In general, caffeine is not the best long-term health choice. 



The Risks of Caffeine 

  • Coffee triggers your adrenal glands, which are responsible for releasing hormones that signal your body to go into fight or flight mode.  Every time you drink coffee, you put your adrenals (and the rest of your body) through this plight, which creates undue stress. The crash after drinking coffee, anxiety, emotional swings and disturbed sleep are all byproducts of triggering your nervous system in this way.


  • Can encourage adrenal fatigue because caffeine adds to the level of stress your body tolerates during a day.


  • Coffee is one of the most pesticide intensive crops in the world. 


  • Coffee stimulates hydrochloric acid in the gut.  We need hydrochloric acid to digest food, especially protein.  When undigested protein gets passed to the small intestines it can cause bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation and a variety of other ailments.  As we get older our ability to create hydrochloric acid diminishes. Studies show that at least 37% of people over the age of 60 are HCL deficient and as many as 98% of people are impaired. 


  • Coffee is acidic and causes an acidic environment in the body.  It thins the stomach lining, again, not good for IBS, Crohn’s, or ulcers. 


  • Caffeine relaxes esophageal sphincter, which can contribute to acid reflux (hydrochloric acid launches back up esophagus and burns lining). 


  • Caffeine stimulates peristalsis and gastric emptying which pushes food into small intestines before it is finished digesting. 


  • Caffeine blocks iron absorption in guts and prevents the kidneys ability to retain calcium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals.  It causes calcium to be excreted from the bones, which can lead to osteoporosis and increase infertility. 


  • Acrylamide is a potential carcinogen.  It is released from roasting beans.  The darker the roast, the higher the acrylamide. 


  • Caffeine increases heart rate, tension and stress levels in the body.  Blocks Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a neuro-transmitter that regulates mood and stress. 


  • Caffeine is a diuretic, which easily leads to dehydration. 


  • Coffee stains your teeth and affects the quality of your taste buds. 


Detoxifying from caffeine can often lead to headaches and mild body aches.  This is ok; it is all part of the process.  Your body might undergo some changes during caffeine detoxification and sometimes discomfort is part of the process.  This is typically referred to as a healing crisis.  I encourage you to push through and rest during these potential experiences. 


A cautionary note on de-caffeinated beverages: De-caffeinated beverages are highly processed and usually require chemicals to eliminate the caffeine.  They are not healthy alternatives.  Consider drinking beverages that are naturally free of caffeine. 


Breathing is something that is absolutely essential for living and plays a tremendous role in our mental and emotional wellbeing.  We will focus on basic techniques to establish a healthy breathing practice that will become automatic. It is during times of stress, conflict, fear or intense exercise that many of us have a tendency to not breathe to our fullest potential.  In some situations in life all we can do is breathe.

Week 1 - Centering Breath

1) Become aware of your breath without trying to change it.  

Notice its: 

  • Quality

  • Texture

  • Sound

  • Length of inhalations and exhalations 



  • The rise and fall of your chest

  • The expansion and contraction of your rib cage

  • Any movement in your belly or elsewhere in your body 


Allow your consciousness to float upon your breath like a leaf on a stream.


2) Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart.  With your focus and intention breathe through your nose into your hands.  Allow your belly to expand and contract, rise and fall.  Allow your ribs and chest to expand. 


3) Exhale through your nose slowly and visualize the breath going out.


It’s as simple as that.



  • Notice your breath.

  • Breathe in and out through your nose.

  • One hand on your belly and the other hand on your heart.

  • Inhale into your hands filling the belly and chest.

  • Exhale slowly through your nose. 


Mindfulness exercises cultivate a sense of equanimity and balance.  Meditations, contemplations and reflections are key for developing a clear and focused mind.  These techniques will also help us to partner with our mind, rather than be at the effect of it.

Week 1 - BODY SCAN

-Carve out 15 minutes for this meditation every morning.

-Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down.

Mindfulness Body ScanArtist Name
00:00 / 11:13


Journaling is a fantastic way to process information.  We will offer daily prompts to reflect upon.  The intention for journaling is to allow for your mind to unwind and relax.  Put it down to put it down.  In many ways this practice allows us to unpack our streams of thought so we can create space and clarity.  Journaling is meant to be fun, free form and creative.  Doodles, colors, poems, incorrect grammar and punctuation are all invited.

Plan Your Day / Goal Setting:

-What are the top 3 things I need to accomplish today? 

Prioritize the top 3 things YOU MUST DO ABOVE ALL ELSE, and do those before you open social media, emails, etc. Once you complete, or at least move those projects forward, you can then move on to other things.

DAILY PROMPTS FOR WEEK 1: Feel free to elaborate on these inquiries.

10/19: What brings me joy? One of my favorite moments from childhood is...

10/20: One thing I regret is...

10/21: One thing I fear is...

10/22: How/when do I feel like an imposter?

10/23: Who did you forgive recently? Who do you want forgiveness from?

10/24: What do I really want to tell my parents?

10/25: How do I define spirituality?


As humans we have evolved and survived through moving.  Our modern culture has lulled us into a condition of movement poverty — this is detrimental for all facets of our wellbeing.  Brain development, emotional balance, cooperation and immune strength all happen best when in motion.  The movement offerings that you will be able to choose from will be in addition to your regular exercise.  Movement needs to be threaded throughout the day, so it’s our goal to deliver that.



Remember to incorporate movement throughout the day per suggestions.


It is of the utmost importance to instill a midday practice so that our lives can become fulfilling, productive and easeful.  Most of us have obligations during the afternoon whether it be work, running errands or tending to personal items.  It is crucial to create time for ourselves so we can flow with our daily duties with maximum efficiency.  This means creating a new schedule so we can be more present, engaged and focused when we “need” to get things done.  This may be tough at first, but again we are creating a new routine.  We owe it to ourselves to carve time to generate this new way of joyful living.

Set aside about 30-45 minutes in the afternoon


-Breathwork - Repeat Centering Breath

-Movement - Select 15-30 minutes of more rigorous movement from the library

-Mindfulness Exercise - 10 minutes- See below


Take 10 minutes daily to get outside and get your feet in the earth.

Grounding has been practiced since the beginning of time when our ancestors walked around in bare feet or conductive leather moccasins or sandals. Perhaps this is one explanation for their longevity and good health. After the invention of rubber-soled shoes, a non-conductive barrier was erected between mankind and our greatest source of electrons – the earth. As our direct contact with the earth fades through the routine use of synthetic flooring and shoes, electromagnetic instability threatens our health.

All our cells are made of atoms. Atoms possess unique positive and negative charges that are based on the number of negative electrons or positive protons they carry. Many healthy atoms have a negative charge because they possess more electrons; however, these atoms can have electrons “stolen” from them, leaving them highly reactive and damaging. In this state, they are called free radicals. As damaging free radicals infiltrate cells and tissues, our health declines. The only way to stop this destructive process is by supplying the body with neutralizing antioxidants or a large dose of negative electrons, through grounding.



Neutralizes Free Radicals

Improves Sleep, Pain Management, and Stress

Improves Inflammation and Immunity

For When You Have Free Time - Watch - The Earthing Moving - 


The goal of our evening routine is to decompress before bed. This is our chance to wind down and prepare for rest and rejuvenation.  Spending time on our devices is a hazard to accomplishing a deep and restful experience.


All screens should be shut down at least one hour before bedtime.


  • Screens disrupt your sleep patterns. The blue light blocks the production of melatonin - essentially it tricks your body to thinking it’s day time

  • Social media, work-related emails and personal responsibilities keep our mind running while we sleep. 


Guidelines for Rejuvenating Rest

  • Try to be in bed at a relatively early hour - between 10pm-11pm at the latest, this will help you rise earlier feeling rested.

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode. Wifi signals can disrupt sleep.  We are around electromagnetic fields (EMFs) all day. Remove them from where you sleep to give your mind a rest and allow your body to sync with its natural evening rhythms. This also prevents you from being sucked into the social media trap. And stops you from being always “on”. It’s time to turn off!

  • Set aside time to read, be creative, write, reflect, meditate, play music. Use this time in completely different ways than you do during the day. 

  • Set a gentle alarm (you never want to wake up abruptly) for the next morning and take care to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Proper sleep can alone change your life. 


478 Breathing for stress reduction, better sleep - by Dr. Andrew Weil  


This practice includes breath retention, if you’re unfamiliar with the practice ensure you go at a slow pace and that you’re laying / sitting in a safe place in case dizziness occurs. If dizziness occurs, you can retain for less time until your body adjusts. 


Sit or lay in a comfortable position, if possible palms down on knees or on your sides 


Tune into the natural rhythm of your breath for 5 breaths

On the 6th breath- Inhale through your nose slowly for a count of 4


Retain your breath for a count of 7


Exhale through your mouth fully for a count of 8


Repeat this 4 times

478 BreathingArtist Name
00:00 / 02:00



-Take the time to journal about 5 things you're grateful for, why you're grateful and how you can continue to support these things. Reflect on your entries regularly.


-Enter your daily activity, accomplishments, inquiries, etc


Presented by Alejandro Quiros



Alejandro was born in San José Costa Rica, although all of his family is from Guanacaste. His native roots are the Bagatzí that comes from a mixture of clans from the north and central america.


He is initiated into the Lakota tradition, specifically the Red Road paths of the Vision Quest, Sundance and Sweat Lodge.

Through native ceremonies  he has seen that this way of life is getting lost and that it is a powerful way to heal and love our mother earth. 


For the last 7 years he's facilitated waking the healer within through various practices including cacao ceremonies, sound healing, reiki, pranic healing, EFT and various shamanic elements.

Practical Advice on How to Explore Your Spiritual Path:

We have to understand that we are not the mind, we are not our emotions and we are not the body. We are Spirit and the mind, the body and emotions are here to serve the Spirit.

We also have to understand that we are here for a purpose that may change throughout our lifetime. Limiting beliefs, agreements, programs, fears, etc keeps us in an illusion that does not let us walk the Spiritual path. It is our duty to clean out all of these veils that do not let us align with our spirituality and generate a sense of separation from all living beings. 

Our purpose in life is guided from the Sacred Mystery and we have all the tools, help and guidance we need there. 

We need to have faith and courage to know ourselves, look inside and hear the voice of our inner wisdom that is the Spirit in us.


Spirit is LOVE, unconditional love and we must spend time alone in silence with Mother Earth to find what we really are and then the Spiritual guidance starts to talk to us.
Wisdom is needed for understanding. It brings light inside us to make changes in our patterns that limit us.
Then with faith and willpower, we go in the direction of our spiritual purpose. The mind will not understand because it makes no sense to it. 
Remember you are not the mind. Have trust and patience on the journey. 
You are LOVE.

Smudge Your Home:

Your home contains thoughts, emotions and energies that accumulate and cause confusion in our daily life. Smudging your home is as important as cleaning it from physical dust or trash.

When the energy of the home is clean you feel lightness and tranquility.

There are many herbs that can be used for smudging but is good that you relate with the ones that are local in your area and try to harvest them in a respectful way.

Some of the more popular are cedar, sage, sweetgrass, or copal. Please use the one you feel called and treat the plant with gratitude. 

Prior to smudging, take a shower and dress cleanly for the smudge. Bring the smoke of the plant through the entire house with the doors and windows open so anything that is not love leaves your space.

Go everywhere, like under the bed, sofas, bathroom etc.

Then walk back through and intuitively feel if there is any space that still needs some more smoke.

SOVEREIGN  BY NATURE  is a global platform to awaken the human spirit — a community calling for reconnection with nature, regenerative lifestyles and personal empowerment.  


Our intention is to foster human vitality by claiming responsibility for our health and the creation of our life’s story.  By embracing our sovereign nature we become stewards for the wellbeing of ourselves, others and the planet.

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