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MAY 6-18, 2023

This 12 day master plant dieta, including the guided communion with one (non-psychoactive) master plant as well as 5 healing ceremonies, is a deep dive into an embodied experience guided by nature, the elements and the world of the plants. You will be supported to shed unneeded belief patterns and connect to the free and joyful expression of your essence. 


Master plants are plants that have been identified by the Shipibo as spirit teachers and doctors - beings of a very elevated consciousness and wisdom. In the plant dieta, you learn to still the mind and control your thoughts; to listen deeply and become sensitive to the subtle vibrations of nature. With sincerity and commitment, the relationship with the plant  will become strong, and the plant can communicate to you in dreams and bring songs of healing and protection. The plant becomes a spiritual ally that can be called upon for support. As in any relationship, to remain healthy it requires reciprocity and loving care and attention.


Combining ayahuasca ceremonies with a master plant dieta offers the possibility of healing deep-rooted pains and clearing traumatic imprints. In Ceremony, the maestras work with the plant spirits to reweave the energy field of the dieteros with beautiful designs of light. This powerful energetic work continues to grow and reverberate in your life long after you leave.


We have the honor to be guided by renowned Shipibo Onaya healer Maestra Ynes and her two powerful daughters, Maestra Laura and Maestra Lila. The maestras have spent these last years of global quarantine going deeply into their own study - dieting and investigating deeply into the wisdom of the plants in ceremony. They have emerged from this time period with incredible strength and insight, excited to support you in this deep healing journey! 


What is a Master Plant Dieta?


In traditional Amazonian curanderismo, the master plant dieta is a process of remaining in isolation in the rainforest, adhering to a very limited diet, while ingesting and cultivating a relationship with a specific plant in order to learn and heal. A master plant dieta is a rite of passage; a deep journey of renewal and reconnection for someone who is ready to confront both their inner light and shadows. 


Shipibo healers have cultivated the practice of dieting Master Plants into a precise science. Over many years of long isolation dietas, it is the plants themselves that teach them to heal.


To undertake a plant diet requires deep commitment and self responsibility - it is a journey of silence, solitude, and deep self inquiry. Maintaining the energetic integrity of this living relationship after the dieta includes a post-dieta commitment to refrain from all sexual activity, work with other plant medicines or ayahuasca traditions, recreational drugs and pork for a minimum of one month after the dieta. If this cannot be adhered to, we lovingly recommend not to apply to this program.



Our 12 Day Plant Dieta includes:


  • Detailed information on pre-post diet requirement

  • Five ayahuasca ceremonies

  • Guided communion with one master plant - Guayusa, Bobinsana, Albahaca or Marusa

  • Extra plant remedies for physical illnesses

  • Facilitators with experience of holding space and deep knowledge of the Shipibo medicine system

  • One-to-one processing sessions with a facilitator during the dieta

  • Post-integration guidance

  • Option for post-integration follow up calls


Dieting a Master plant can support you to:


  • Heal trauma and psychological or emotional blockages

  • Clear ancestral karmic patterns

  • Heal deep-rooted fears and doubt

  • Gain clarity and focus for your life path

  • Connect to your inner-self and intuition

  • Align to your soul's path or heart’s calling

  • Gain energetic protection

  • Learn to communicate with nature

  • Strengthen your calling to support the earth 



Our Dieta Master Plants:




Tiny white flowers and leaves like blades, this plant works in the realm of love. She is good at balancing masculine and feminine energies and restoring the nervous system to a state of rest. She helps you attract benevolent people with good intentions and helps you to set healthy boundaries with people in your life who create or possess chaotic or challenging energy for you. With marusa, you will experience greater love, increased self-esteem, and self-love and be aware of more beauty in life. You learn to truly love yourself and others. Marusa loves music, and is known to impart beautiful melodies and songs. Physically, Marusa supports the healing of long standing problems in the female reproductive system.




With Glossy, bright green leaves, and a sweet and spicy aroma, Guayusa is known as a “warmi” plant - a plant of loving enchantment. Guayusa is filled with light - sweeping out the dark cobwebs of the psyche with luminous green and gold patterns, she opens up the heart and reminds you of the beauty of life. Guayusa helps to attract loving energies, abundance and good fortune. She supports creativity, musicality and helps to attract loving partnerships, friendships and collaborators into your life. Guayusa opens up your dreams and can support you to dream into being your life’s calling and purpose.



Our setting is Brave Earth (Tierra Valiente), a burgeoning community, regenerative farm, and healing arts center based in northern Costa Rica. Here amidst the jungle, thermal pools and cloud forest, we are exploring new and ancient ways of living.


This will be a transformative experience is meant to awaken the best of the human spirit — and that we may offer wise selves to our communities at home.

With nature as our guide and with deep reverence for the ancient teachings and the elders we are so privileged to learn from - together we tap into powerful wisdom and create space to become fully present. 


Maestra Ynes

Maestra Ynes is a mother of seven children, three of whom are now Onaya healers. She is originally from the native community of Roaboya, next to the Ucayali River, Pucallpa.

At 14 years old, Ynes fell seriously ill with an unknown disease which led her to diet medicinal plants under the guidance of her grandfather and master healer, Aurelio. After successfully healing herself, Ynes decided to apprentice with Maestro Aurelio to learn her ancestral shamanic tradition of the Shipibo indigenous people.

A year later she undertook a diet in the forest that lasted for more than two years in complete isolation from the outside world. Some years later, Ynes continued dieting with her great-grandfather, Maestro and a Meraya healer, Luciano Sinuiri. At the age of 18, she began her last diet with her mother’s uncle, Maestro and Onaya healer, Basil Gordon. These three powerful healers gifted her the base of her knowledge and experience with the sacred plant medicine and ayahuasca.

Now with over 50 years of dedicated experience and ancestral knowledge, she offers a very powerful and beautiful connection with plant spirits; devoting her life to heal others in Peru and abroad. She brings an incredible wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for generations through her family lineage. With her contagious laughter and passion for healing, she distributes light and love with unfaltering compassion. 



Maestra Laura is the eldest daughter of Maestra Ynes. From an early age, Maestra Laura has been deeply immersed in the world of plant medicine. Laura was given small diets by her grandparents from the age of 10 years and by the age of 16 began her apprenticeship to learn about ayahuasca.

At 20, Laura traveled throughout Peru with Ynes, sharing medicinal plants and ayahuasca ceremonies for local Peruvians. She has also worked extensively with her mother, both in Peru and abroad. She brings an incredible wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for generations in her family line.

Laura works closely with her sister, Lila, and both have dedicated their time to sharing their medicine with the wider community, they have been guest speakers at several international gatherings and conferences.

Laura is known for her beautiful ikaros, (healing chants) that pour out of her with love and devotion to each of her patients.


Maestra Lila grew up with her grandparents and highly-respected Onaya healers. At the age of 13, Lila was the victim of a strong energetic attack. She then moved to live with her mother, Maestra Ynes, and dieted a mighty tree named Catawba. The diet succeeded in curing that evil harm and served as the gateway of Lila’s path as a healer.

Being the rebel that she is, Lila resisted the way of the medicine, sometimes in favor of leading a ‘normal’ life, but after the birth of her two children, the plants persisted in calling her to work with them. Since then, she has worked with her mother and other highly respected teachers throughout Peru and is also a specialist in warmi ikaros (healing chants of love, prosperity and happiness). She works with an incredible amount of love and compassion and an irresistible sense of humor!

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 12.19.21 PM.png


Jessica Begin, is an artist, dancer, singer/songwriter, movement and voice teacher, plant medicine integration coach and a student of life.  She holds the firm belief that the re-awakening of humans to our authentic power lies in turning to the ancestral practices which remind us of the joy and interconnectivity of being alive. She has been working as a plant medicine facilitator for 10 years, and has worked at some of the most highly respected centers in Peru and Costa Rica. She is an apprentice of Maestra Ynes, and Chief woman Fire Keeper in the moondance tradition (Mexica, Aztec Mexican) in Costa Rica, under the guidance of Abuela Itzpapalotl. Jessica’s passion is to inspire others to the free and uninhibited expression of their deepest heart’s longing through voice and movement. As a teacher she brings to her work precision, clarity, artistry, sensitivity, care and passion.


Learn more about Jessica:


Karina is a certified holistic health, transformation and integration guide with a focus on plant medicine. She is the founder of the wellness platform Sovereign by Nature & non-profit The ARC based in Costa Rica, and sacred container for womxn The Sacred Session.​ She is also the program director at Reunion, a Not-for-Profit plant medicine healing center in Costa Rica.


She has studied with wisdom keepers, elders and teachers from many different lineages. She remains in service to plant medicine and is an advocate for indigenous rights.

Karina holds space from a place of non-judgement, she creates a divine container where others can shed, remember, integrate and grow. She believes that through deep understanding, reverence and unconditional love for the self we fuel present awareness and sovereignty. Through conscious action we improve our lives and relationships.

More About Karina



A Journey of Sacred Work

A master plant dieta is a rite of passage; a deep journey of renewal and reconnection for someone who is ready to confront both their inner light and shadows.

It is most often a deeply healing and transformational experience, but it is work. By that we mean, as much as we will guide and assist your dieta journey, for you to fully receive and integrate the wisdom that is revealed and shared, a determination and inner resolve is required. We believe that everyone has the inner-strength to sit with us in the maloka, and work through their journey with grace

Important Food Restrictions During Diet


To support the implementation of the process, participants will receive a very limited food diet of no salt, sugar, spices, oils, dairy, red meats and fermented foods during the 10-days. Breakfast and lunch are served on non-ceremony days, and only lunch on ceremony days. The participants have limited contact with each other, and practice noble silence to carefully contain the inner-work that is being cultivated. We encourage participants to limit entertainment such as music and reading to help deepen the connection with the plant. No chemical soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, or other artificial substances are used, and abstinence from all sexual activity is necessary.

Your Commitment: Preparation & Completion

The participant must adhere to important specific dietary and activity restrictions before, after and during the master plant dieta. These requirements are in place for your wellbeing and have been disseminated by our maestros with care and attention to allow the mind, body, and spirit to stay in its pure balanced state, and for the energetic and cleansing work to fully integrate and root itself within. It is important you align yourself with what is asked of you. 

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Together we remember the ceremonial ways of life. It is time to refine our capacity to listen, to reconnect to community and to answer the call for global consciousness.

Through ancient traditions and wisdom practices we surrender to the messages that are meant for us and we reignite clear vision so that we may walk our path with confidence and with the support of nature and community.


In gratitude- we will remember to give more than we take. 


All Photos - Soul Focus Media


&PRICING- usd$



GAIA DOME -  $4,585


TAMBO - $4,585

JUNGLE HUT - $4,370


*4% Tax / Processing Fee Not Included In Price Above

-Pricing includes accommodations, food, 5 ceremonies and program activities for 12 nights

-Includes meals specifically prepared for the dieta. 

-Gaia Dome rooms come with private showers- compost restrooms are a short distance away. Cabina rooms have a full bathrom and a/c. Tambo and Jungle Hut rooms have shared showers and restrooms a short distance away.

-Price does not include airfare or transportation 

-Transportation shuttle options will be provided

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Cabina Interior.jpg




- To hold your space a $500 deposit is needed per person. You can select your room type by clicking the button below. SPACE IS LIMITED. WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING 14 PARTICIPANTS - Once you submit your dates and room preference an email will be sent to you with further details. Deposits are non-refundable once confirmed.

-Once your deposit is received you will be asked to fill out an intake - your spot is not confirmed until you hear back from our intake team that it is medically safe for you to participate in the dieta and that your room preference is available.

- Airport: You will fly into SAN JOSE CR. There will be shuttle options shared with you upon sign up. We recommend that you fly in the day before we begin and stay the night at a local San Jose hotel where a shuttle can pick you up the following day. Details will be sent.

-Upon arrival to Brave Earth - you will be asked to present a negative covid test. If you do not bring one, you can purchase one on site for $30 usd.

-Due to the nature of this work, payments and deposits are non-refundable.  Payments may be transferable with written permission from the organizer. 



If you can't make the dieta but would still like to work with the Maestras in ceremony in Costa Rica,
CLICK HERE for more information


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