We bring diversity to the table. We are explorers, movers, dancers, yogis, teachers, facilitators, surfers and above all lovers of nature.



Alex is a TribeWire partner and progressive movement specialist. He is the creator of  MOVENPLAY a body of work that represents the story of human expression, connection and physical embodiment and our most natural state of play. A student of Ido Portal since 2011- movement culture has become a pivotal part of his work- he also draws on influences from martial arts, contemporary dance and the circus arts. 


 A natural fascination with the human body has become a catalyst for Sage to grow and develop her own embodiment practice. Sage draws her inspiration from Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, 5 rhythms  and Floorflow to name a few.  She has dedicated the last 4 years researching and studying and has had the great honor to work with some of the most highly regarded teachers within these fields.  She believes that there is an innate intelligence in the body, which comes to life through play and connection.  Connection to self, connection to others and connection to the world around us. She offers tools for creative movement and facilitates and holds space for others to explore expressing themselves freely through movement. 



Hawk is a TribeWire partner and Holistic Lifestyle Guide. A Canadian native, he now calls Costa Rica home - he has spent the last 20 years cultivating his spiritual practices into easy and playful transmissions for those who are undergoing the awakening processes. His life is fueled by nature, ancestral medicine and conscious celebration. With a strong background in breathwork, meditation, emotional transmutation, plant medicine and sacred music he shares his life experience from the heart with the hopes of inspiring others to live fully- embodied and in harmony with mother earth. 


Karina is the co-founder of TribeWire and a certified Holistic Health Practitioner- her focus is helping people cultivate embodiment, energy, vitality and longevity. Her approach to wellbeing includes meditation, elemental medicine, yoga, energetic internal arts, breathwork and nutrition.  Karina holds space from a place of non-judgment, creating a container where people can shed, remember, reconnect and expand mindfulness. 

TribeWire Impact: 


We believe giving back is our responsibility.


We have partnered with Costas Verde, a non-profit created to help restore the eco-coastline in Playa Guiones. Every guest that joins one of our journeys has the honor to give back by planting a tree. Slowly we are helping to bring back native trees that were cut down to clear land for cattle farming.

During our 2019 season, we planted over 100 trees. 



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Community Impact: 

We have partnered with Friends of Nosara, a non-profit created to navigate the needs of the community. With their guidance we donate a % of profits, create opportunities to volunteer and support local non profits to ensure our community is thriving.

Our mission is to leave it better than we found it.