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Karina is in service to earth medicine healing arts and is a bridgekeeper for indigenous wisdom teachers. Her work centers around liberation and regenerative health through ceremonial work, collective healing, systems change and culture shifts. She is a certified holistic health, transformation and integration guide with a focus on healing through plant medicine. She is a transformational breathwork facilitator and a trauma informed somatic embodiment guide. Karina is the founder of the wellness platform Sovereign by Nature, non-profit The ARC based in Costa Rica, and sacred container for womxn The Sacred Session.  She was most recently the Senior Program Director at a not for profit plant medicine healing center in Costa Rica.


What Karina brings to all of her endeavors, is the essence of embodiment and a prayer that radiates the frequency of WHOLENESS. She has devoted herself to the study of consciousness- deep work including self discovery, expansion, embodiment, living a life with deep reverence and navigating life's initiations with grace and resiliency.

Karina holds space from a place of non-judgement, she creates a divine container where others can shed, remember, integrate and grow. Her mission is to help seekers remember their divine gifts and purpose and empower a new generation of embodied and conscious leaders.

Karina is a student of several wisdom traditions including the Shipibo lineage through Maestra Ynes, Laura & Lila Lopez Sanchez and revered Ecuadorian medicine woman Carmen Vicente carrier of the Sacred Art of the Altars and the Guardian of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan.


Plant Medicine Ceremony & Integration

Women's Healing Arts & Leadership

Holistic Health - Integrative Nutrition / Detox

Transformational Breathwork

Trauma Informed Somatic Guide & Embodiment Facilitator


Hatha Yoga

Shaolin Internal Arts


Julian DeVoe is a founding partner of Sovereign by Nature. He is n advocate for self-growth, thriving health and personal empowerment. Through the practices of yoga, qigong, natural movement, conscious touch, shamanic meditation, mindful eating and practical spirituality he encourages personal discovery of truth. Julian’s unique movement and mindfulness (interdisciplinary) teaching approach is powerful and accessible. He currently teaches internationally, specializing in movement efficiency, physical purification practices, mindfulness techniques and spiritual groundedness.


Julian spent many years in Peru in service to Plant Medicine facilitation. He was most recently a Senior Program Director at a non profit healing center in Costa Rica.


He is the author of Robust Vitality and a book of verse, Insights Out.


Wellness Educator

Nutrition & Detox Cleansing

Natural Movement

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Plant Medicine Ceremony & Integration


Mariana Mae is an artist, visionary, cultural bridge and medicine arts practitioner native to Coyoacan, Tenochtitlan, Mexico. Her work is anchored in the core principle of recognizing Ethnicity, Ethics, Expression + Empowerment in our own understanding and acceptance of Self, thus of one another through a Holistic, Trauma-informed and Integrative approach.

Her service is rooted in Traditional Folk + Earth-based Medicine through the Creative, Devotional, Ancestral, Feminine, Healing Arts to reignite the Life force of one’s Health and Purpose in the world.


Mariana is passionate about the Somatic exploration of Ancestral Healing and Collective Care — how it informs our Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing and acts as guide for our Self-Remembrance and Reclamation work through various modalities with the Voice, Prayer, Creativity and Animacy. She believes our Personal Healing journey informs our Service to the Collective and is dedicated to creating a Culture of Authentic Self-discovery and Self-agency through Mentorship and Ceremonial Facilitation.


Devoted to her path of Curanderismo, she is a practitioner of the Mexica Piez Dezcalsos tradition of Mexhiko through the guidance of Abuela Chicahuaxochitl, a student of the Amazonian Shipibo tradition through the Lopez-Sanchez lineage of Peru, and a certified End of Life Doula. She carries the medicine of Cacao by way of her Maya Q’iche initiates and teachers, Paola IxTzunun and Gustavo Ik. She has worked and studied with various Indigenous traditions in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Brazil.


In facilitating accessible ceremonial containers with reverence to the diverse ways of Healing, Integration and Leadership, she bridges the Wisdom teachings of Science and Spirit together as One in contribution to restoring Health and Harmony between Human and Land.

Specialized Modalities

  • Plant Medicine Ceremony & Integration

  • Psycho-spiritual Art Therapy & Earth-based Somatic Therapy

  • Vocal & Expressive Arts Guide

  • Women’s Health Mentorship

Mariana Bio


Dylan Moscovitch is a certified Life and Wellness Coach, Mental Performance and Integration Mentor.  


During the first 3 decades of his life Dylan was deeply devoted to the sport of figure skating, representing Canada for 18 years, most notably winning a silver medal in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. His retirement led him into a deep process of rediscovery which guided him to the study of Holistic Healing arts, igniting a passion for helping people through pivotal life transitions — in particular, Athletes post retirement.


As a Storyteller and Guide, Dylan is passionate about inspiring others to transform all of their lived experiences into fuel for their own journey home to themselves, bringing those shifts into the body and their everyday walk of life. Through cultivating the necessary grit, courage and faith to step into the unknown and embark on the path of healing and growth, he believes that we can all find a sense of joy, freedom and self-belief. By holding space with radical acceptance and infusing a strong sense of optimism into the process, he brings an athlete’s mindset into the Soul’s Journey. Through cultivating a relationship with Sacred Medicines, he believes in the potential that partnerships with the entheogenic allies have to help nurture healthier leadership in today’s world. 


Having been one of the Lead Facilitators at a retreat centre in Costa Rica, Dylan witnessed the miraculous potential for transformation, week in and week out, furthering his dedication. He continues to devote his life’s work to being of service to the healing and evolution of humanity through bringing more love, compassion and acceptance to the collective.


Dylan is a student of a various lineages, including the Lopez Sanchez lineage of the Shipibo people of Peru, where he studies and supports their work at their centres in the Amazon. 



Mindset Coaching

Medicine Preparation and Integration Mentorship

Medicine Ceremony Guide

Retreat Facilitator

Program Creator - HEALX



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