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Regenerative Health - Tending Earth Medicine & Collective Healing

Sovereign by Nature is a communal platform to awaken the human spirit — as Earth Stewards  & Bridgekeepers, we are calling for collective liberation & culture shifts through our reconnection with nature, ceremonial arts, reciprocal relationships & regenerative lifestyles.


We foster health & wellness for the mind, body and spirit by offering personal and collective transformational journeys, one-on-one support and online programs.


We create healing opportunities rooted in tending to relationships in reciprocity and collectively ushering a new Culture of Care.


Through the inquiries of Embodiment, Earth Medicine, Ancient Indigenous Wisdom & Integration we bridge forth Regenerative Health. Through the practices of Collaborative Allyship, Culture Building and World Making we support a healthier ecosystem for future generations.


We are Sovereign by Nature, together we steward the wellbeing of ourselves, the collective and the earth.

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Our sessions are aimed to help you awaken the wisdom within.  Through earth medicine guidance & deep listening  we work together to refine your clarity of purpose, establish a resilient spirit and step into your greatest service.

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Step into your plant medicine experience supported by our guides.  With 30 years of collective experience, we provide the tools to engage fully with all aspects of the medicine experience - including Preparation, Navigation & Integration.

We offer opportunities to build relationships with our plant allies. We are a bridge for natural earth medicines and indigenous wisdom keepers.  Join us all over the world or arrange private sessions for you and your community.

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We provide regenerative educational practices for Mind & Body, Emotions & Spirit.  Our programs include earth medicine teachings, facilitation mentorship, virtual programs, somatic wisdom, culture shifts, systems change, redefining relationships, consciousness discussions and more. 

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