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SVXN is a global platform to awaken the human spirit — a community calling for reconnection with nature, regenerative lifestyles and personal empowerment.  Transformation and integration are at the forefront of our purpose.


Our intention is to foster human vitality by claiming responsibility for our health and the creation of our life’s story.  By embracing our sovereign nature, we steward the wellbeing of ourselves, others and the planet.

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We cultivate this attitude through four main pathways: community, culture, holistic health and movement.  Our transformational journeys, online curriculum and healers network are geared toward cultivating resiliency, longevity and joy. 


We are at the precipice of change — we have an opportunity to forge a new way of being now & for generations to come.  The invitation for sovereignty greets us.




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It is through our intimate relationship with the natural world that we activate our intuition, inner wisdom and resiliency.

Through transformational experiences and integration we find flow and alignment. It is when discipline and trust intersect that we enter a space of recalibration, natural rhythmic essence and longevity.

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Community of Service


Community is a coming into oneness, ‘come-unity.’  Through authentic engagement and service we enjoy the essence of being together.  It is by recognizing each other's individuality that we unify as a collective for the greater good.  We serve ourselves to serve others.


The SVXN community consists of intentional, engaged and accountable people who come together to enjoy life.  We foster personal growth and community development through respect and non-judgment.   Vulnerability, compassionate communication and courageous honesty are cornerstones to form intimate and empathic relationships.  


We are a resilient community that is focused on giving back.  We take action through our environmental and social initiatives to make the world a better place.


The SVXN community is actualized through our seva initiatives, our transformational journeys (set in community living) and our online network.


Our community is resilient because we are empowered; our community is authentic because we are unique; our community is natural because we are sovereign.


Embodiment is a gift, a living technology, which we celebrate through the weaving of our unique physical expression.   Our bodies are our heritage — they store our conditioning & strength, resilience & trauma and emotions & spirit. They become our vehicles for learning, transformation and awakening.  


Breath connects our body to our enspirited intentions.  Movement gives us the opportunity to become fully present and empowered.  Somatic release allows us to integrate our emotional body.


Our embodiment programs are interdisciplinary and non-dogmatic. Inspired by natural movement, the martial & internal arts, dance, yoga and somatic practices we gain physical awareness, resiliency and longevity.  Offerings for all levels through in person journeys and an online curriculum. 


When we move with freedom we are connected to our natural essence and fullest potential.


Our evolving & emerging culture is diverse, inclusive and expressive.  We encourage and celebrate the untethering of the human spirit through creative expression.  We honor the unique modus of self by exploring our emotional edges, daring to disrupt the chaos and redefining the status quo.


Raw self-expression invites us to stretch our boundaries so we can evoke & invoke the extraordinary.   To make a shift away from the cult of the average, we create impactful works of art, music & film.  To further inspire a revolution within, we showcase other artists' to enrich our human experience.


Our culture reveres human expression — in all forms — and joyfully embraces the ebb and flow of life. 

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Healing Arts


We have created a wellness system that is inclusive, accessible and individualized.  It is an integrated path using the best of ancient & modern practices, scientific & spiritual approaches, and mental & emotional techniques.    


Radiant living is attainable with daily practice and self reverence.  How we feel is up to us.  How we heal is up to us.  Now is the time to take responsibility for our health, healing and vibrancy — this takes courage and bold action.  


This holistic approach allows for a syncopation with the rhythms of nature.  We believe that being in harmony with the planet will bolster our immune system, balance our emotions and evoke mental clarity.  Our body has the capacity to regenerate and arrive at a state of optimal health.

Healing our body is one part of the human journey — growing into the fullest expression of physical, mental and spiritual health is our ultimate goal.  

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