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Councilship is designed to move beyond traditional mentorship so that self-actualization, alignment and coherence can come from within.  We co-create a therapeutic space of respect, non-judgment and compassion where your truth & wisdom are witnessed, nourished and activated.  It is a space to master inner alchemy, remember your purpose and actualize your service. 

Founded on earth based wisdom & ritual, modern techniques & ancient practices, and self reflection & deep listening we create a blueprint for self discovery, healing and purposeful living.  The program is individually tailored to your specific needs.  Practical techniques for the mind, body and spirit are developed to create lasting change and self reliance.

Councilship is a mirror and a gateway into an initiation of Liberation — where you will be called forward as your own teacher and healer. You will sharpen your intuition, gain clarity in life, unravel stuck emotions, process life experiences and cultivate more resiliency and joy. Councilship will help you open to life's intelligence so that you may integrate and embody your highest wisdom.

If you are ready to step into Sovereignty through deep self inquiry please get in touch. to schedule a discovery call so we may learn how we can best support you and to ensure we are in alignment.

Councilship Guides

Karina & Julian are the founders of Sovereign by Nature and creators of the Councilship program. Guides in the wellness space, together they continue to advocate for Regenerative Health. Together they bridge a multitude of healing modalities to support transformation, liberation and healing.

Karina & Julian 

  • Have Supported Thousands of People During Their Transformative Journeys 

  • Have a Combined 30+ Years Of Experience In Health, Wellness & Plant Medicine Facilitation

  • Have Been Leading Healing Retreats in Costa Rica & Beyond For Six Years

  • Study Earth Medicine, Ceremony & Ritual With Indigenous Wisdom & Lineage Keepers

  • Train Plant Medicine Facilitators & Those Seeking To Learn To Teach / Lead Workshops / Hold Space

  • Facilitate Medicine Healing Circles In Costa Rica & Internationally


The depth of this work requires nothing less than 100% self-accountability and a commitment to discipline to surrender and truly let go of any attachments holding you back from true alignment.

You will have the opportunity to choose to work with either Karina or Julian as your personal guide.


We offer an initiatory 3 month Counchipship program. Once this program is completed additional and deeper work will become available to you.

Sessions take place once a week with the exception of one week out of the month for integration. Each session is a 1 hour long one on one (with Karina or Julian)  via zoom 

3 Months - 9 Sessions 

Exchange: Sliding Scale

Supported: (If you are financially marginalized) $1,500

Standard: $1,700

Resourced: $1,900


Personalized program and one on one support for 3 months. Receive transformational  practices - written and video resources to support your journey.


Stay connected with us via Whatsapp for message support throughout the program.


Your Blueprint carries your divine purpose and gifts which are encoded at a cellular level. Together we dive deep into your inner landscape and discover this Blueprint and create individual maps to align your energy into coherence.


Service not Servitude. Discover how to be in your greatest form of service to the collective.  Step into a new paradigm of care through tending relationships and building allyships.

Monthly Culture of Care - Integration Calls


Councilship is a deeply personal journey. An individual program will be designed for your needs. This is the wellspring we draw from when developing your program

  • Regenerative Health and Earth Based Medicine Practices

  • Holistic Systems - Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Transformational Breathwork

  • Somatic Intuitive Activations

  • Meditation Guidance

  • Longevity Movements

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Ritual & Ancestral Healing

  • Purpose Blueprint Initiation

  • Cleanse & Detox

  • Nutrition & Diet Guidance

  • Deep Inquiry & Self Reflection Work

  • Men's & Women's Embodiment Work

  • Plant Medicine Guiodance and Microdosing

  • Integration

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