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Magnified Grass


A Prayer of Right Relationship
We are in support of global missions that center collective liberation & healing through decolonized standards of care, culture shifts and systems change.

There are many ways to be in reciprocity, to show your support please learn how you can help below :


The ARC is our sister project, a non-profit organization (501C3 pending) on a mission to awaken the greatest in humanity, live in harmony with all life and call forth a new culture of care.


Our prayer is to remember, embody and share the original instructions & ways of stewardship. This fund helps us to continue to support our Wisdom Keepers and is the foundation that will sponsor our regenerative land project. 

Regenerative Relationship - Environmental Advocacy, Indigenous Reciprocity Initiatives


-Earth Medicine - Natural Ways of Healing, Ancestral Remembrance 


-Culture Shifts - Decolonized Healing In Community, Collective Liberation Of The Human Spirit, Systems of Support & Education


Defending indigenous rights to land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon rainforest by building power and autonomy.


Indigenous peoples are the first line of defense against biodiversity loss and deforestation in the Amazon that is driving climate change worldwide. We can’t solve the climate crisis without protecting the Amazon rainforest and without defending Indigenous rights!

Keep informed about the latest news & stories on the movement to protect our world’s largest rainforest & support Indigenous peoples!

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Lakota Small Farms is a multi-generational prayer to establish sustainable food sovereignty systems for native and non-native people alike by co-creating small scale regenerative farms and land practices in balance with the principles of eco-centric living.


The mission of our collective vision is to create spaces where people from all corners of the world can come together to learn about indigenous Lakota traditions in close proximity with the elements, to plant and grow healing foods, and to rematriate the Ta’tanka [buffalo] relations back to the ancestral lands.



Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conducting independent research to uncover and share regenerative organic farming practices that restore soil health, fight climate change, and fix the food system.

Through our nearly four-decades long flagship study, the Farming Systems Trial, we have scientifically proven that organic agriculture performs as well as, if not better than, conventional agriculture. We are demonstrating the power of nutrient-dense organic food to prevent and reverse diseases. We are working to create economic vitality in rural communities by training tomorrow’s organic farmers. Furthermore, we are partnering with schools, hospitals, and other community organizations to help people make informed choices about the food they eat and how that impacts their health.

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Costas Verdes is a Costa Rican non-profit organization that has been restoring coastal ecosystems devastated from past human impact, by leading and executing reforestation projects and empowering local communities since 2009.

Costas Verdes works to restore devastated coastal ecosystems from past agricultural exploitation.

We actively involve local communities and businesses to take part in our reforestation projects through sponsorship, educational and tree planting activities.

We offer different sponsorship tiers for any size of business in Costa Rica and abroad, so you can support our mission and help bring the forest back to our beaches!

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