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Plant Medicine

Support For Your Plant Medicine Journey

Preparation // Navigation // Integration


Karina and Julian have been working with plant medicines for more than 2 decades and have led thousands of people through transformational journeys.  Our approach is thorough, thoughtful and intentional.  We will move through all aspects of the medicine experience together, from preparation to navigation to integration.


A plant medicine/entheogenic journey for many can be a once in a lifetime experience.  It is a useful and effective approach for accessing, healing and enhancing the mind, body and spirit.  This work, when taken seriously, can make profound shifts in one’s life.  Preparation is crucial.  


With our guidance, you will be able to access the medicines with more ease, build good habits for processing the work during & after ceremonies and establish a locus of control within yourself that will generate safety and strength.

  • Diet, mental and emotional techniques

  • How to find the right medicine for you

  • How to find a practitioner



Ceremonies, whether indigenous led or western therapeutic, can be challenging & easeful, joyful & frightening, confusing & clarifying.  Equipped with the proper tools and powered with an educated mindset, the journey within can be maximized.  With practice we can establish agility in non ordinary states of consciousness that can make the experience fruitful and long lasting.  


We will support you with grounding and integrative practices to anchor you during ceremonies. Connecting you to your somatic wisdom to maximize your experience.

  • Mechanics for any ceremony

  • Establish a strong foundation that can be applied to any context

  • Cultivate the sacred space within


Integration is an ever unfolding and enfolding process — it is not a destination rather the journey continued.  Making sense of the experience, fitting it into our lives and establishing healthy practices are the next phase of our ceremony.  Our chop wood / carry water approach is grounded in practicality, ritual and tailored specifically to your needs.


Structured coursework, phone calls, email & text support are part of our interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach.  This part of the process is not to be underestimated as it is crucial for the transformation that you want to make in your life.

  • A bulk of the work happens after the ceremony

  • Chop wood / carry water

  • Return to wholeness through the ceremony of life

  • Tools, techniques and practices for integrating the insights



Karina & Julian are the founders of Sovereign by Nature. Guides in the wellness space, together they continue to advocate for Regenerative Health. Together they bridge a multitude of healing modalities to support transformation, liberation and healing.

Karina & Julian 

  • Have Supported Thousands of People During Their Transformative Journeys 

  • Have a Combined 30+ Years Of Experience In Health, Wellness & Plant Medicine Facilitation

  • Have Been Leading Healing Retreats in Costa Rica & Beyond For Six Years

  • Study Earth Medicine, Ceremony & Ritual With Indigenous Wisdom & Lineage Keepers

  • Train Plant Medicine Facilitators & Those Seeking To Learn To Teach / Lead Workshops / Hold Space

  • Facilitate Medicine Healing Circles In Costa Rica & Internationally


The choice to work with plant medicine can be both exciting and overwhelming. We provide nurturing guidance from decades of experience helping thousands of people embark on their journeys.


We offer this program in two options.

Option 1  - Choose What You Need

Preparation & Navigation  - $575

3 Calls

Preparation Plan, Ceremony 101, Video & Written Resources


Integration  - $575

3 Months - 3 Calls

Integration Plan, Video & Written Resources

Longer Integration Plan Available After First 3 Months

Option 2 - Full Package  - $975

Preparation & Navigation - 3 Calls

Integration - 3 Post Journey Calls

Prep & Integration Plan, Ceremony 101, Video & Written Resources. 6 Calls Total

($175 Savings)

Calls Are 1 Hour Zoom Sessions


Personalized program and direct support via zoom from both Karina & Julian.

Recommendations to reputable medicine centers & healers.


Receive transformational  practices - written and video resources to support your journey with Preparation / Navigation / Integration.


Stay connected with us via Whatsapp for message support throughout.

Access to our ongoing Culture of Care Connection & Integration Calls.


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We respect your privacy. 

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