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Valle De Bravo, Mexico
March 11-19, 2024


When women gather - we connect to ancestral ways of relating, we remember how to weave the intricacies of life and activate our feminine wisdom for the betterment of humanity. We are honored to create a space for women to nourish the personal and collective evolution of our feminine wisdom. 


Through the inquires of Self Mastery, Embodiment & Sovereignty, we partner with the elements of nature, sacred plant medicine and indigenous technologies to learn, heal and begin to peel back layers of beliefs, stories, trauma, programming and social concepts so we can remember who we are and uncover our truest expression.

We have the honor to be guided by renowned Shipibo Onaya healer Maestra Ynes and her two powerful daughters, Maestra Laura and Maestra Lila. The maestras have dedicated their lives to the study of master plants- dieting and investigating deeply into the wisdom of the plants in ceremony. They share their medicine with incredible strength and insight, they are excited to support you in this deep healing journey! 

Our program was created and will be facilitated by an all woman team - Jessica Begin, Karina Turtzo & Mariana Mae– feminine leadership and embodiment guides and students of Maestras Ynes, Laura & Lila with decades of experience in group facilitation and medicine work. 


Workshops and daytime sessions aim to support and inform the work in ceremony and create a deeper connection to the energetic realms of the plants, and the Shipibo culture.


Our container aims to support you to free your authentic expression, nourish joyful creativity and learn to connect to the elements of nature to create health, harmony and balance in your life.

Join us to explore the following:


  • 4 Shipibo Plant Medicine Ceremonies

  • Decoding Soma - Alignment and Reclamation of your feminine wisdom & leadership

  • Elemental Medicine - Wisdom teachings of the elements of creation Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

  • The Way of The Altar - Connect to ancient technology to cultivate reverence and connection

  • Alchemy Breathwork - Transformational sessions to support somatic integration of the medicine

  • Voice Activation Workshops - Find your authentic expressions

  • Transcending limiting beliefs and accessing free and joyful expression.

  • Opening to playfulness and connection

  • Igniting your creative fire and building your reservoir of creative “juice” and inspiration

  • Using embodiment practices as tools to clear, repair and restore your vibratory field

  • Practicing reciprocity with nature and nourishing life with creative beauty

  • Learning about Shipibo ancestral wisdom

  • Discovering the intelligence of your own energy anatomy

  • 3 Month Integration Plan + 3 Community Zoom Calls

Our setting is Reunion, a non-profit plant medicine healing center dedicated to the preservation of plant medicine and ancestral wisdom. Nestled on Playa Pan de Azúcar (Sugar Beach) in the northern part of Guanacaste, Reunion is only a few steps from the sandy shore of the Pacific Ocean in the most desirable tropical beach district in all of Costa Rica.


This transformative experience is meant to awaken the best of the human spirit — so that we may offer our wise selves to our communities at home.

With nature as our guide and with deep reverence for the ancient teachings and the elders we are so privileged to learn from - together we tap into powerful wisdom and create space to become fully present. 


Maestra Ynes is a mother of seven children, three of whom are now Onaya healers. She is originally from the native community of Roaboya, next to the Ucayali River, Pucallpa.

At 14 years old, Ynes fell seriously ill with an unknown disease which led her to diet medicinal plants under the guidance of her grandfather and master healer, Aurelio. After successfully healing herself, Ynes decided to apprentice with Maestro Aurelio to learn her ancestral shamanic tradition of the Shipibo indigenous people.

A year later she undertook a diet in the forest that lasted for more than two years in complete isolation from the outside world. Some years later, Ynes continued dieting with her great-grandfather, Maestro and a Meraya healer, Luciano Sinuiri. At the age of 18, she began her last diet with her mother’s uncle, Maestro and Onaya healer, Basil Gordon. These three powerful healers gifted her the base of her knowledge and experience with the sacred plant medicine and ayahuasca.

Now with over 50 years of dedicated experience and ancestral knowledge, she offers a very powerful and beautiful connection with plant spirits; devoting her life to heal others in Peru and abroad. She brings an incredible wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for generations through her family lineage. With her contagious laughter and passion for healing, she distributes light and love with unfaltering compassion. 



Maestra Laura is the eldest daughter of Maestra Ynes. From an early age, Maestra Laura has been deeply immersed in the world of plant medicine. Laura was given small diets by her grandparents from the age of 10 years and by the age of 16 began her apprenticeship to learn about ayahuasca.

At 20, Laura traveled throughout Peru with Ynes, sharing medicinal plants and ayahuasca ceremonies for local Peruvians. She has also worked extensively with her mother, both in Peru and abroad. She brings an incredible wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for generations in her family line.

Laura works closely with her sister, Lila, and both have dedicated their time to sharing their medicine with the wider community, they have been guest speakers at several international gatherings and conferences.

Laura is known for her beautiful ikaros, (healing chants) that pour out of her with love and devotion to each of her patients.


Maestra Lila grew up with her grandparents and highly-respected Onaya healers. At the age of 13, Lila was the victim of a strong energetic attack. She then moved to live with her mother, Maestra Ynes, and dieted a mighty tree named Catawba. The diet succeeded in curing that evil harm and served as the gateway of Lila’s path as a healer.

Being the rebel that she is, Lila resisted the way of the medicine, sometimes in favor of leading a ‘normal’ life, but after the birth of her two children, the plants persisted in calling her to work with them. Since then, she has worked with her mother and other highly respected teachers throughout Peru and is also a specialist in warmi ikaros (healing chants of love, prosperity and happiness). She works with an incredible amount of love and compassion and an irresistible sense of humor!



Program Director & Lead Facilitator

Jessica Begin is an artist, dancer, singer/songwriter, movement and voice teacher, plant medicine integration coach and a student of life.  She holds the firm belief that the re-awakening of humans to our authentic power lies in turning to the ancestral practices which remind us of the joy and interconnectivity of being alive.  Jessica’s passion is to inspire others to the free and uninhibited expression of their deepest heart’s longing through voice and movement.

Jessica has been supporting ceremonial healing work for the past 15 yrs. She has worked as a facilitator at some of the leading medicine healing centers in Peru and Costa Rica, including the Temple of the Way of Light, Niwe Rao Xobo and Soltara Healing center. Fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese, Jessica is passionate about bridging cultures - she has worked globally as a translator and interpreter in many international indigenous and environmental gatherings. As a student of Maestra Ynes, she currently works closely with the Maestra and her family at their center, Niwe Rao Xobo, as program director, facilitator and integration coach. Along with Maestra Ynes, Maestra Lila and Maestra Laura, Jessica hosts Master Plant diets and retreats in the Peruvian Amazon as well as abroad. As a teacher, she brings to her work precision, clarity, artistry, sensitivity, care and passion.


Program Director & Lead Facilitator

Karina is in service to earth medicine healing arts and is a bridgekeeper for indigenous wisdom teachers. She is a certified holistic health, transformation and integration guide with a focus on plant medicine. She is a certified transformational breathwork facilitator and specializes in awakening our somatic wisdom. She is the founder of the wellness platform Sovereign by Nature & non-profit The ARC based in Costa Rica, and healing container for womxn The Sacred Session.​ She was recently the Program Director at a non profit healing center in Costa Rica.


She has studied with wisdom keepers, elders and teachers from many different lineages. Her work centers around ceremonial work, collective healing, systems change and culture shifts.

Karina holds space from a place of non-judgement, she creates a divine container where others can shed, remember, integrate and grow. She believes that through deep understanding, reverence and unconditional love for the self we fuel present awareness and sovereignty. Through conscious action we improve our lives and relationships.



Come Home To Your Temple

The human body is the greatest technology we will ever possess- together we will dive deep to reconnect to our bodies, build resiliency and learn to navigate our internal landscape- mind, body and soul. By using framework to view our personal work through playful intelligence we are rewiring our social patterns and behaviors- we are learning to shed layers of cultural and ancestral conditioning stored deep within our bones. We are reprogramming our mind into a fierce ally. Empowerment at it's truest level- Integrity in it's purist form.

Dive deep into your inner landscape, find true presence, cultivate vitality and build resiliency. Movement, Breathwork & Voice Activation are some of the practices that will nourish us.​



Together we remember the ceremonial ways of life. It is time to refine our capacity to listen, to reconnect to community and to answer the call for global consciousness.

Through ancient traditions and wisdom practices we surrender to the messages that are meant for us and we reignite clear vision so that we may walk our path with confidence and with the support of nature and community.


We will participate in 4 Shipibo plant medicine ceremonies and many rituals to solidfy our prayers and intentions.

Alignment & Leadership

The Earth is calling for women to lead - to remember our original instructions of stewardship, reciprocity and care.


We are born with a divine blueprint.  We are encoded with purposeful gifts we are meant to share with the world. When we uncover these gifts we align with our purpose and we become magnetic - creating a life filled with inspiration.

Leadership starts with the quality of our relationships. How are we in relationship -  with ourselves, with the earth and with the collective? 




 Integration is the culmination and implementation of insights and learnings acquired during your journey. 


We are co-creating a supportive container with an onsite integration session during your journey, tools and resources to help you integrate upon landing and the support of our community for 3 live zoom calls. 

Together we co-create a Culture of Care. A place of respect, compassion and non-judgement.




&PRICING- usd$

DOUBLE ROOM - 2 BEDS / 2 Persons Per Room: $3,750 per person + 5% Tax / Processing Fee

PRIVATE ROOMS- Available upon request first come first serve



-Pricing includes accommodations, food, 4 healing ceremonies and all program activities 

-Includes meals specifically prepared for ceremony 

-Price does not include airfare or transportation 

-Transportation shuttle options will be provided when registering










-Journey start date is March 11th. The shared shuttle will depart Mexico City at 10am. If you can't arrive early enough the same day, we recommend you arrive a day early and stay close to the airport in Mexico City. Hotel recommendations will be sent with a logistics email after you've registered.

-Journey end date is March 19th - 10am departure on shared shuttle. You may arrange private transportation as needed based on your flight


-We ask for a 50% deposit electronically to secure your spot.

-We ask that you please bring $400 USD in cash as the medicine payment which will be collected upon your arrival and we will invoice you for the remaining total due 30 days prior to the retreat start date. 

-PLEASE READ THE MEDICAL CONSIDERATIONS PRIOR TO REGISTERING. Please do not make travel arrangements until you have been medically cleared to participate. There will be a medical intake form emailed to you once you register. If you are deemed medically unsafe to participate your deposit will be refunded. 

- Airport: You will fly into Mexico City. There will be shuttle options shared with you upon registration. The center is located 2.5 hours from the airport. Please do not book flights until you have been medically cleared to participate.

-Round trip shuttle option from Mexico City to the healing center can be purchased upon registration. The cost is $95 per person. There is space for the first 20 registrations. You will also have an option to select Private Transport - if you select this you will be connected to our transportation company and they will assist you directly with your reservation.

-All logistics and additional information will be sent to you upon registration.

-Due to the nature of this work, payments and deposits are non-refundable unless deemed medically unsafe to attend. They may be transferable at the discretion of the organizer. Please email with questions.

We are dedicated to supporting access to this work for Black, Indigenous and People of The Global Majority (people of color). If you are interested in this work and would like to inquire about a partial scholarship please get in touch with us at


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