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The ARC is a non-profit mission to awaken the human spirit through the practice of regenerative living.

We are in the process of creating a regenerative lifestyle & educational center powered by future technology and guided by ancient wisdom. It will serve as a model for a new way of living in harmony with the Earth.

Our goal is to develop this model and share resources with other regenerative communities around the world- creating arc lines and alliances in this new

way of being.

Human society is in jeopardy from the accelerating decline of natural resources – leading to global

health crisis, lack of clean water, nutrient poor food, polluted air and depleted soil. We are living in a destructive system.

Help us create a better way of living for

future generations.


Questions About The Arc


We are seeking support in this mission - below are ways you can help.

Specialist Support - We’re looking for support in energy technology, ecology and our communications departments. If you’re a passionate professional with the desire to put your skills into service for change, are interested in community building and ready for a non-conventional working environment, please email us here. There are possibilities for both on-site (Costa Rica) and remote collaboration. 

Become An Ambassador - We are here to build a new future, help us amplify the mission. The more people see this vision, carry it in their hearts, discuss it and work on it, the faster it will turn into reality. If you are a content creator, social media professional, public relations specialist and or feel called to spread the word - please email us here. There are possibilities for both on-site (Costa Rica) and remote collaboration. 


Financial Donations - Our focus is on creating a regenerative environment and educational center for humanity. A place where sovereignty, cooperation and community are at the forefront of decision making. This mission will largely rely on private support from donors that see that the current way of being is not working - that we are destroying the planet, that humanity is stuck in a constant health crises and that the resources for a better life are out of reach for the majority.  Please donate below to support a brighter future for generations to come.

In solidarity, we are also accepting donations for our beloved Wisdom Keepers. Please use the link below to donate.

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